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Herastrau, Amazing Penthouse Triplex for Rent

Is it possible to have an apartment like a house or a terrace like a yard? Of course it is. We present you a splendid penthouse triplex located on the eighth, ninth and tenth floors of a residential complex located in the Aviatie district in the immediate proximity of the Herastrau park. The complex was finished in 2009. The property counts 201 square meters. The three levels make the apartment fell like a real house. The level from the eighth floor consists of four bedrooms. Two of them have individual bathrooms and dressings. The other two bedrooms use a separate bathroom. There are also a hall and a balcony on the eighth floor.

The second level is divided in the following way: living area, kitchen and a bathroom. The connection between the levels is realized through a staircase which leads to the spacious terrace of 170 square meters. The terrace is landscaped with lawn, flower and small trees. All these green pieces make the terrace feel like a yard. Additionally, the terrace gives a splendid panorama of the park, of the lake Floreasca and neighborhoods. The apartment is available for rent unfurnished; only the kitchen is furnished and equipped.The penthouse has a good location. It is situated near to the lake Floreasca, Herastrau and Bordei parks,  Promenada Mall, restaurants and cafés.

Be close to the nature but don’t give up modern facilities! Contact us for a showing and you will be amazed by the grandeur of this penthouse. Our customer service is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Romanian and French.


ID-ul proprietății : 9930
Dimensiune proprietate: 201,00 m2
Camere: 5
Dormitoare: 4
Baii: 4

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